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Welcome to Inframark!
As a new or rehired Inframark employee, you are probably asking yourself the following questions:

• What do I do next?
• How do I enroll in benefits and when can I start using them?
• When will I receive my insurance cards, how can I see them electronically?
• How do I start contributing to my 401(k)?
• Where can I input my beneficiary information?

Well, you've come to the right place because we will help you answer all of those questions and more!

For questions you may have after reviewing all information, contact the Inframark Benefits InfoLine at 866-545-3756 or email benefits@inframark.com. 

To get started, view our Benefits Orientation video!

Meet ALEX!

So, you've watched the Benefits Orientation video, and you're still unsure of what insurance coverages you want to elect in.  Not to fear, ALEX is here! ALEX is a great tool that will help you determine what benefits you want to enroll in based on your personal needs.

Get Enrolled (benefits start 1st of the month following 30 days of service)

Register with our Insurance Carriers 
(download the mobile apps to have access to your electronic insurance cards everywhere you go)
Don't forget to 
set up your 401(k)
Need help finding 
a medical provider?
Want to save $450 
on next year's
 medical premiums or 
earn gift cards?

 Check out our 
Wellness Program