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Vision and Hearing Care

For more details, see the VSP Vision Benefit Summary.

VSP participating providers meet the highest quality standards for credentialing and for providing both comprehensive eye care and full-service vision hardware services.

And, VSP has a 100% Customer Service Satisfaction Guarantee.

For more information, or to locate a provider, visit www.vsp.com

Shop for eyewear online at www.eyeconic.com

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Your Eye Health


Hearing Aid Discount Programs

Inframark has two vision plan options, - the Base Plan, and the Easy Option Plan, which allows you to buy up to a higher level of benefits and features. In addition to a more frequent frames allowance (once every 12 months), the Easy Option Plan includes flexible and enhanced benefits. Each family member can choose one of the following upgrades at the time of service:

•$250 Frame Allowance
•$250 Contact Allowance
•Covered-in-full photochromic, anti-reflective or progressive lenses