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A valuable way to accumulate savings towards retirement.
Financial and Retirement
Inframark provides you with a number of programs to help you set a solid financial foundation, manage your day to day finances, build your nest egg for retirement, save money on taxes, and get important personal and financial protection, such as insurance, legal services and identity theft protection.
Important financial protection for your family.
Salary protection and other support for when you are sick or injured and unable to work.
Manage your out-of-pocket health care expenses or dependent day care expenses with tax-free savings.
Save tax-free for out-of-pocket expenses in the High Deductible Health Plan, and accumulate towards health care costs in retirement.
Access to free or discounted legal advice and services through this pre-paid legal program.
Group discounts on personal insurance.
Comprehensive protection to help safeguard your finances, credit and good name.
Protect yourself and your family from the financial impact of an unexpected illness or accident.
Dave Ramsey's motivational financial wellness program is a holistic approach to lasting behavior change.  Get out of debt, on a budget and on your way to saving for retirement.
Socially responsible low interest borrowing through payroll deduction.
New benefit that provides bill negotiation and interest-free financing for your health care, pet care, home, and auto-related bills!
One-on-one counseling sessions to review retirement plans and other financial concerns, and monthly financial webinars.