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Medical Benefits
Need Help Choosing or Understanding a Plan?

Have a conversation with ALEX the Online Benefits Counselor.  He can help you compare and understand your benefit options.

You can also contact Health Advocate at 855-424-6400.
About Your Aetna Plan Network

Your medical benefits are part of the Aetna Premier Care Network (APCN), which places efficiency and quality of care standards on the health care providers and facilities that are included in the network. These providers have proven track records which means lower hospital readmission rates, fewer complications, lower costs, and more treatments shown to be a success. 

This is a narrower network, which means that your current doctor or specialist may not meet the criteria required to be included in the ACPN network. This could mean higher costs to you unless you consider changing providers. Claims from Aetna participating providers who are NOT in the APCN will be payable at the out-of-network benefit levels for the plan you are in.

To see which providers are in network, visit Aetna.com/DocFind. Once the page loads, enter your location, under the "Aetna Premier Care Network" tab choose “Aetna Premier Care Network (APCN) – Choice POS II/Open Access Managed Choice” under the 2021 Plan Providers section and click on "continue".

If your current provider won't be in network next year, but you're in the middle of a course of treatment of care, you can work with the provider to request "transition-of-care-coverage."  If Aetna approves your request, you can stay with that provider for a limited time at the highest benefit level.  To learn more, call Aetna's Member Services department at 1-800-238-6716.

We understand that any changes to your network can be difficult if it means you have to change providers. We want you to know that we work hard to offer comprehensive coverage with a focus on quality.

For any additional assistance with locating network physicians, you may also reach out to Health Advocate at 855-424-6400. 
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Teladoc Virtual Care Services

When you enroll in one of the 4 medical plans, you immediately have access to Teladoc. Teladoc gives you 24/7 phone and video access to board-certified physicians to get fast treatment (including prescriptions) for common illnesses. Teladoc can also connect you with licensed Dermatologists for skin care related issues and Psychiatrists for mental health support. 

This benefit is FREE to employees who are enrolled in the Enhanced PPO w/ HRA, Basic PPO, and Value Care PPO medical plans.

The Teladoc Co-Pay for HDHP members is $47 for your general medicine virtual visits. This cost is still considerably less then going to an emergency room or urgent care.

How Does Teladoc Work? Click here to find out!

Get quality care and speak with a doctor now! 1-855-835-2362
  • Type in your zip code
  • Find the "Aetna Premier Care network" tab
  • Under 2021 Plan Provider, click on "Aetna Premier Care Network (APCN) - Choice POS II/Open Access Managed Choice"
  • If you need further assistance, contact the Aetna Member Services Department at 1-800-238-67161
Inframark offers 4 different medical options through Aetna so that you can select the plan that best fits your personal needs.  

  • Enhanced PPO w/ HRA Plan
  • Basic PPO Plan
  • Value Care PPO Plan

​The HDHP remains a great value for those who are wanting to take an active role in managing their healthcare experience. With low premiums, protection from catastrophic expenses, and the flexibility to choose how to spend – or save – your money along the way, this plan really puts you in the driver's seat. Paired with a tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA), it can offer long-term financial benefits, and the Inframark healthcare program provides many tools and resources to support you in your healthcare decisions.

All of the medical plans provide Preventive services which are covered at 100%.

When you enroll in one of the plans named above you will automatically have prescription benefits through Express Scripts. 

Need a refresher on Inframark's medical plans?
 Check out the video below!
AbleTo Behavioral Care Program

Being the best version of yourself every day can sometimes be challenging. Events occurring in your life can be overwhelming, leading to worry, stress, and sadness. These are common feelings with major life changes or chronic pain. 

With Aetna's AbleTo behavioral care program, personalized and confidential support is only a phone or video call away.

This 8 week program can help you:

  • Work through and manage your emotions.
  • Recognize the changes you need to make.
  • Feel in control of your health and life.
Plus, this program is already included in your Inframark Aetna medical insurance plan and is FREE to use (HDHP members pay a one-time consultation fee ($300) and weekly session fees ($275) for the 8-week program until the deductible is met). 

How does it work?

Get support when and where you need it. Every week, twice a week, you'll meet with your experienced and licensed behavioral coach and therapist. You'll work with your coach and therapist to set goals and teach you coping strategies that work best for you. 

Your team will help you to:

  • Better understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions. 
  • Get ahead of challenging issues, including medical conditions, family problems or personal hurdles. 
  • Overcome obstacles that keep you from living your best life. 

Here's what makes this program different. Unlike other telemedicine services, this program has:

  • A short-term, 8 weeks
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Therapy, plus coaching

Easy ways to join the program:

AbleTo will call you:

If your Aetna claims show that you may benefit from this program, an Aetna or AbleTo representative will call you to explain how the program works and why it can help you.

Or you can call AbleTo:

  • Call 1-844-330-3648, Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 8 PM EST
Consider AbleTo support if you've had one of these health conditions or life changes:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Chronic pain/ pain management
  • Grief and loss
  • Diabetes/ weight loss
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Caregiver stress (child, elder, or person with autism)​
  • Digestive health issues
  • Cancer diagnosis and recovery
  • Respiratory issues
  • Infertility or postpartum depression
  • Alcohol or substance use disorder
  • Military transition
Get started with AbleTo today:

Visit AbleTo.com/Aetna


Call 1-888-330-3648
available Monday - Friday
 9 AM - 8 PM EST