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MedPut Plus Financing
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NEW FOR 2021!

Introducing MedPut Plus! 

MedPut Plus is an innovative expanded benefit program from MedPut that you can tap into for assistance in covering you and your covered dependents health care, pet care, home, and auto related bills! 

Avoid dipping into your savings or adding unwanted debt when unexpected emergencies occur. Start protecting your finances and your wallet, and register with MedPut Plus today!

How Does MedPut Plus Work? 

You receive any health care, pet care, home, or auto related bill. Take a photo/scan and upload that bill to your MedPut.com member profile. 
MedPut contacts and tries to negotiate savings on your behalf with the provider. If additional savings can be applied, you share those savings 50/50 with MedPut. MedPut then pays the provider to satisfy the bill up to your elected coverage amount. 
You then repay MedPut over time with small, interest-free payroll deductions that never exceed 5% of your gross paycheck to ensure repayment stays affordable. 
All benefit-eligible employees who have at least 12 months of service may use MedPut Plus.

Coverage is low cost and is available in 2 tiers:

  $2,000 - Inframark Pays

  $3,000 - $1.00 (per pay) *Can only be elected during Open Enrollment

For questions, call Health Advocate at 855-424-6400.

Check out the short video below to learn more about MedPut Plus and how it can help you!
Pamula Threadgill
Operations Coordinator Texas, North Operations
"I decided to use MedPut for my bill because I had some major dental work done that I kept putting off. During a group discussion, MedPut was mentioned and what stood out to me was that the repayments were interest-free. I didn’t want to put the bill on a credit card and didn’t have close to $1,500 to shell out. I started doing research online and a representative called me back and answered all my questions. Once the dentist provided me with my estimate, the process worked so smoothly, my bill was paid, and I was able to get the dental work that I needed."
Employee Testimonial: