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Identity Theft Protection
Inframark has partnered with the top pioneer in identity theft protection, LifeLock with Norton, to bring safety to your everyday internet activity like online shopping, banking, and even browsing. Did you know that browsing the internet can expose your personal information which makes you more vulnerable to cybercriminals? 

LifeLock with Norton's innovative benefit plans can help protect your identity and personal information on your connected devices from countless threats you may face in your digitally-connected homes and workplaces. Below are some additional ways that LifeLock with Norton can help protect you and your family.

LifeLock with Norton is offered as a voluntary benefit that you can elect to have through your new hire benefits enrollment or during Open Enrollment (held in November each year).

LifeLock with Norton offer's two comprehensive identity theft protection packages, Benefit Essential and Benefit Premier. Take a look at the below comparison chart to see which plan best fits your cybersecurity needs. 

​*Click the image to enlarge.
Benefit Plans

Everyone's identity is unique. Norton with LifeLock detects fraudulent use of your Social Security number, name, address and date of birth in applications for credit and services. You will receive alerts when a potential threat is detected and a dedicated Norton with LifeLock specialist will work with you to resolve ID theft issues. 

Device Security including AntiVirus

Mobile or desktop devices are part of everyone's connected day-to-day lives. Norton with LifeLock provides real-time threat protection for those devices. They provide advanced security that helps protect those devices against existing and emerging malware threats, including ransomware, and helps protect private and financial information when you go online. 

Home & Family

Parents need to take an active role in how their child engages with the digital world. The Norton Family Parental Control allows you to take action and monitor your child's online activity and identify potential dangers before they become problems. The Norton Family Parental Controls include easy-to-use tools to set screen time limits, block unsuitable sites, and monitor search terms and activity history. 

LifeLock Privacy Monitor™

Our individual privacy is important and data breaches occur more often then you think. The LifeLock Privacy Monitor™ feature provides you with an opportunity to help reduce the public exposure of your personal information. Privacy Monitor scans common public people-search websites to find your personal information and helps you opt-out. 
Employee Member Services
Dedicated agents available
Monday - Friday 9am to 7pm
Setting Up Your Account
After you've enrolled for the LifeLock with Norton benefit, you'll receive a welcome email within 2 to 3 weeks (to the email address you provided upon enrolling) from member.services@lifelock.com. 

  • The welcome email will have you verify your identity and create your LifeLock with Norton account. *If you are covering any additional adult members within your household; you will need to forward the welcome email to them so they may also set up their account. Each member that is covered must have their own unique email address.
  • Once you have created your LifeLock with Norton account, you'll be prompted to activate important plan features and give you access to your dashboard.
  • The next step is to download these suggested mobile applications to your smartphone so you have access to your account anywhere you go: LifeLock for Norton 360, Norton Mobile Security, Norton Family Parental Control, Norton Password Manager.

Completed these steps? We recommend saving my.norton.com to your computer browser favorites for quick access.

Already a Norton member? No problem, you can merge your existing Norton membership together with this new employee benefit.  All you need to do is verify your identity through the welcome email you received and sign into your existing account.

Have Questions? LifeLock with Norton's member support agents are ready to help you at any time Monday - Friday, 7am - 5pm Arizona time. Simply call 1-800-607-9174.