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HighTower Fiduciary Plan Advisors
Inframark has selected HighTower Fiduciary Plan Advisors (HTFPA) to provide fiduciary advice for your retirement plan. As a fiduciary, they have a legal obligation to do what is in the best interest of YOU. They offer one-on-one counseling sessions to review retirement plans and other financial concerns. Their team incorporates debt elimination programs, budgeting advice and investment portfolio knowledge into their comprehensive education services.

Why Contact HighTower?

As an Inframark employee, HighTower can help you enroll in the plan, choose investments and will help you answer questions such as the following:

• Am I saving enough for retirement?
• Am I investing in the right investment options given my age and risk tolerance?
• What else could I be doing to help reduce financial stress?

We are here to help you navigate your financial wellness and answer questions about topics like budgeting, saving for college, your investment allocations, how to get out of debt, etc. Our goal is to provide you the support you need to make sure you’re on track for a happy and successful retirement.

Call us to help make sure you are maximizing Inframark’s company match and 401(k) benefits!

Services for Inframark Employees

• Provide investment and financial wellness advice
• Provide educational webinars on retirement related topics
• Assist employees in developing an investment allocation in the 401(k) Plan
• Provide Individual 1-on-1 investment advice via phone as well on specific in-person days

Welcome to WellCents

WellCents is a financial wellness tool to help you with your financial well-being and road to retirement. WellCents offers financial wellness assessment, one-on-one meetings with certified financial advisors, and extensive resources.

To get you started, follow the steps below to register.

1. Go to mywellcentsapp.com or download the WellCents app in the App Store. 
2. Click “Register Here” under the login button.
3. Enter Inframark1 under Business Code.
4. Enter your Inframark email as your username and your desired password and              phone number. 
5. WellCents will send a verification code to your email. Once you enter this code, you        have successfully created your account and WellCents will bump you back to the            login screen. 
6. Enter the login information you just chose. WellCents will send you a SECOND, NEW      verification code. 
7. Enter the second verification code and begin the survey. (Your responses are confidential       and will not be shared with Inframark)

If you would like to speak with a HighTower financial advisor, contact 401kAdvisor@htfpa.com.