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Important preventive care and coverage for the health care you and your family need.
Healthcare and Well-Being
At Inframark, the focus is on providing a variety of valuable programs that support your health and well-being.  Learn more about them here.
Focusing on quality cost-effective generics, convenient mail order service, and the clinical support you need from specialized pharmacists.
Coverage for dental care, including preventive services and orthodontia.
Coverage for comprehensive vision care services and glasses or contacts. Discounts on hearing aids.
Get the support you need to develop or maintain healthy lifestyle habits, quit tobacco, manage chronic conditions, and more!  Earn valuable rewards for healthy activities.
Need someone to help you navigate the health care system and make the most of your benefits?  Health Advocate's EmpoweredHealth team is always at your side.
Support and guidance for those who care for loved ones.
Free, confidential counseling and support to help you meet life's challenges.  Resources and information to help you balance day-to-day needs.