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Dental Benefits
Schedule of Benefits
Two plan options give you more ways to meet your needs for cost and coverage.

The dental plans' benefit schedules list covered services and important limitations or exclusions:

Connect to Your Overall Health
Your oral health is an important part of your overall health.  Many important connections have been made between oral health and other medical conditions.

Your Dental Plan includes Smile for Health®, a wellness program for people with certain chronic medical conditions, gum disease, and even if your pregnant. 

To check your eligibility and activate your Smile for Health - Wellness or Pregnancy Benefit follow these instructions. 

1. Log into/ create your MyDentalBenefits member profile.
2. Click the following buttons Member, Wellness, and choose the best option that fits     your needs: Smile for Health - Wellness or Pregnancy Benefits
3. Report your chronic medical condition or pregnancy that qualifies you to enhanced     dental benefits with Smile for Health - Wellness.
Inframark gives you the chance to enroll in the United Concordia Dental program. This plan is designed to give you choice and control over your dental care.

The plan gives you the freedom to receive care from both in-network and out-of-network dentists and specialists.  You will receive the highest level of benefits (and the lowest out-of-pocket costs) when you visit a United Concordia participating provider.

To find a provider, visit UnitedConcordia.com and search for the Elite Plus network, or contact Health Advocate Empowered Health at 855-424-6400.
Dental Health Center
Your guide to common questions about your dental health.
Get more value out of your dental benefits - Your preventive services are covered at 100% and no longer count toward your annual benefit maximum. To get more information on what preventative services cover, check out MyDentalBenefits! Be sure to take advantage of this free care and preserve your plan benefits for other needed dental care services.
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My Dental Assessment
Take a 2-minute quiz to see how your lifestyle and dental history effect your dental health.
SAGE Scholars

SAGE Scholars is a College Tuition Benefit Savings Program designed to help you and/ or your loved ones save money on college tuition for eligible students who will be starting their undergraduate education beginning with the freshman year.

Similar to a frequent flier program, you earn Tuition Rewards points that can be redeemed up to a 25% tuition discount at more than 400 participating private colleges and universities nationwide. Tuition Rewards points are discounts off of tuition that are used at participating schools to reduce the eligible student's four year tuition by the amount of Tuition Rewards points you redeem.

  • 1 Tuition Rewards point = $1 in tuition discounts.
  • Earn 2,000 points when you sign up. then earn 2,000 points each year you're covered by United Concordia.
  • Transfer points to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, step children, godchildren and adopted children. 
  • Each child enrolled receives a one-time bonus of 500 Tuition Rewards points. 

Additionally, you can earn points through any participating organization such as a bank, credit union, fraternal organization, financial advisory firm or other college funding plan. ​

​You can add future students as early as the day they're born. It's important that you register the student/s and allocate their points before August 31 of the year the student begins 12th grade. 

Have questions? Check out the Tuition Rewards Program FAQs.

Sign up for Tuition Rewards

1. Log into your MyDentalBenefits member account.
2. Verify your email address is correct by clicking on your name in the upper right     corner of the page. SAGE Scholars will use this email address to contact you.
3. Click the More tab and select College Tuition Benefit.
4. Click on the Get Started button and consent to participate.
5. Look for an email from SAGE Scholars to complete your sign up.

Don't have a MyDentalBenefits Account? Create one at UnitedConcordia.com

​All additional questions please call the Benefits Infoline at 866-545-3756 or email benefits@inframark.com.
Smile for Health®
Connect to your overall health today!
Click the image below to watch a short Smile for Health® - Wellness video.

Learn how you can improve your daily oral health routine and become more informed about common oral health threats by watching a video on "Oral Care - The Missing Piece of Total Health"