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For employees of Inframark. This is your place to learn about taking charge of your health and about getting the most out of your Inframark benefits.  Connect to everything with just one call: 855-424-6400.

Open Enrollment is November 2nd to November 20th

Open Enrollment is a period of time during which you can enroll or change your benefits. It starts Monday, November 2nd and ends on Friday, November 20th. The benefits you choose during this time will become effective January 1, 2021.

Unless you have a qualifying event (e.g., getting married or having a child), Open Enrollment is the only time of year to review benefits and decide what to pick for next year.

Action is required! You must enroll for 2021 benefits. 
Your current benefit elections will not roll over.

To get started:

  • Review full details in the sample booklet linked below (click on image to open link). 
  • Click Get Enrolled above to go to the enrollment site. 
  • Get additional assistance with a variety of benefit and health-related matters by calling Health Advocate at 855-424-6400.

For technical assistance with the enrollment website, call 800-307-0230 or use the "Chat Now" feature.

What's NEW for 2021? 
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Need a refresher on Inframark's medical plans?
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